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I am shock when I tested let's consider google adsense review last day. I got $5.22 for one press. This is awesome for me because it don't happen to me before. I know this can be occurred for every let's consider google adsense account manager. Even maybe they can get higher commission payment rate for one press.

I don't boost articles for generating huge commission payment rate on every individual press like that. I also don't have key how to do that. There is no key or key about this. It just comes from what we call higher shelling out key phrase. And maybe my website subject is also higher shelling out key phrase too.

But you can't just rely on creating website with higher shelling out key phrase only. For example you create website with subject mesothelioma cancer and publishing that related with mesothelioma cancer. You will not instantly get higher commission payment rate for every press. You need upgrade your website consistently with your own good articles and enhance it.

It's fortunate for me to get $5.22 for one press. But I wish I can get this again and again


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